Mozc UT Dictionary (Discontinued)


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Mozc UT2 Dictionary is here. Mozc NEologd UT Dictionary is here.

I lost a disk partition that includes tools for making mozc-ut dictionary. I used yahoo or google's "hit numbers" to sort words in mozc-ut1, but I can't do it again. They don't provide free fast search API now. I wrote mozc-ut2 from scratch.

Default entries

I modified these dictionaries.

and uncheck "Katakana to English conversion" in "Dictionary" tab.

My big thanks go to the authors/maintainers.

Optional entries

If you need this dictionary for human, check this page.


I think we can redistribute hatena's yomigana-hyouki pairs, but I can't believe we can redistribute niconico's pairs. If you want to make redistributable mozc-ut, don't uncomment #NICODIC="true" in




Get official mozc source files.

Select optional dictionaries.

Open "". If you want to use an English-Japanese dictionary, uncomment the following line.

If you want to use a niconico dictionary, uncomment the following line.

Generate a mozc-ut dictionary.

You need ruby > 1.9.

Wait for a few minutes.

Build mozc-ut.

See mozc's official Build Instructions. If you are using Arch Linux (tested on Antergos Linux), you can make and install packages as follows: